It’s been fun

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I think I’m going to end this here. It’s been a fun experiment, and I’ve learned a lot about songs from the 1950s, among other things, but the amount of time it’s taking me to come up with 97 word posts isn’t really worth the trouble any more.

I will probably start another blog some day. When I do, I’ll probably focus on a single topic, and only post when there’s something really worth writing about. Or maybe I’ll just ramble.

I’ll end this with a link to one of my favourite videos of all time. Cheers.



Okay, winter, enough already.

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I haven’t looked out the window yet, but it’s apparently snowing right now. I don’t want to look. Maybe it’ll go away if I hide until tomorrow.

The weather records for the last 24 hours at Pearson Airport are like a mini-series. Episode 1 is a pleasant spring morning, 11C, light winds from the southeast. Episode 2 is a sudden rise to 22C with gusty southwest winds. Episode 3 is ominous foreshadowing: the wind gradually switches to the northwest, and the temperature falls to single digits. And now here we are at Episode 4: snow, ice pellets, and winter triumphant once again.

Ubaldo and the need for caution

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Many Jays fans criticized general manager Alex Anthopoulos for not being able to land a free-agent starting pitcher in the off-season. Their complaint was that the Jays were this close to contending, but had huge holes in the rotation, so why not go out there and get the extra pitcher?

It’s quite possible that Anthopoulos’s caution might cost the Jays a shot at the pennant. But yesterday showed the good side: free-agent Baltimore starter Ubaldo Jiminez got clobbered. It looks like he might be no help at all, and the Orioles are now committed to him through 2017.

The CHUM Chart Book #44: “Dinner With Drac” by John Zacherle

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Okay, horror lovers – here’s one for you. This song made it to #33 in April, 1958:

Igor! The scalpels go on the left with the pitchforks!

John Zacherle was from Philadelphia. He hosted a show called Shock Theater on a local TV station, and was a colleague of fellow Philadelphian Dick Clark, sometimes filling in for Clark on American Bandstand tours.

After this, Zacherle moved to New York, continued to work as a television show host and radio disk jockey, and also appeared as a wizard on the children’s show Captain Kangaroo. He’s still alive; he’s now 95 years old.

April has been better so far

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It’s time for more weather nerding! Yay!

After a bitterly cold weather, April has been more normal so far – it’s as if Mother Nature flipped on a switch labelled “Heat”. The average temperature so far in April has been 4.5C, which ranks this year 50th out of 115 since 1900.

The coldest first 10 days in April were in 1972, when the average temperature was -2.8C. That year, the warmest temperature for those days was 7.8C on the 10th, and it snowed four times. 2010 was the warmest ever, averaging 11.2C; it was over 20C on three of those ten April 2010 days.

The resurrection of Dustin McGowan

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It’s the middle of the seventh inning of the Jays-Orioles game as I type this. I’m following it on MLB Gameday; sometimes, I just lack enough gumption to follow the game live. There were so many losses last year that I’ve had to develop a shell to be able to cope.

Dustin McGowan started tonight for the Jays, and pitched six and one-third scoreless innings. The Jays are up 2-o; if they win the game, McGowan will earn his first victory since June 22, 2008. In that game, Jose Bautista drove in two runs – for the visiting Pittsburgh Pirates.

First place!

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Hurray! The Toronto Blue Jays are in first place! Okay, so they’re 5-4, and everybody else is 5-5 or 4-5: first place is first place. They were never in first place last year – in fact, after game 4, they were never higher than fourth place.

The most encouraging sign last night was that Brandon Morrow looked good, striking out nine in five innings before running into trouble in the sixth. And Brett Lawrie hit one out – while he’s been struggling at the plate, it’s important to remember that he is still very young – he’s only seven months older than Anthony Gose.